Men's Physique Contest Prep Coaching [MONTHLY]

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NOTE: I promote natural bodybuilding and hence if you are using steroids or any PED's or have used it in the recent past then I suggest you don't sign up for my coaching.

The coaching will be done on a monthly basis as some might need more time than others.

Here are a few things I offer:

  • Customized training protocol
  • Customized nutrition and supplement protocol
  • Check-ins twice a week (check-ins involve progress tracking where I make sure you are on track and weight fluctuations are optimal. Just an example)
  • Phone call once a week to discuss about the past week and the coming week

I am not a magician by any means, but I can help you in looking your best on stage provided you give your 100%. Contest prep might not be everyone's cup of tea. Make sure you are ready mentally before signing up and you can dedicate 2 hours a day, 5 times a week or maybe even 6.