About Online Coaching

There are three reasons you are reading this page:
  1. You are very serious about your physique and want to get results for yourself.
  2. You are very close to your goals, but you are stuck an don't know what to do.
  3. You are a beginner and have no idea about training or nutrition, so you want some one to guide you. 


Well, if that's the case you are at the right place. Being an Indian, I know it's very difficult for use to be consistent with our diet, training and nutrition because of our Lifestyle a.k.a our culture. I have been through all of this and I can understand what you are going through. This doesn't mean that you can't reach your goals and also have a life. I will help you do both of these at the same time.

Everybody has different goals, hence I decided to give you different options when it comes to the online coaching service. You can choose any one from these below, go through it and choose which suits best for your goal. I do this at a very reasonable price.

First of all thanks for visiting this page and showing interest in my online training. My Name is Shreyas Kamath. I am an ISSA certified personal trainer. You might have already seen my videos on my YouTube Channel - Teen Bodybuilding India and hence you are visiting this page.
Before you fill the form, I would like to quickly give you an idea about how the program will work and what are the services that I will be providing you with.
Custom Made Diet Plan:  Diet is everything. No matter building muscle or burning fat. I won't ask you to eat tons and tons of vegetables. Don't worry. I will also not tell you to avoid rice, roti or any other traditional food. I will make a diet plan according to your lifestyle because come on I might like apples, but you might like oranges, doesn't mean I have to impose my likes on you. I make everything customized for you.
Custom Made Workout Plan:  I believe that training in a scientific way is very important. I won't be giving you a workout program like a trainer in your gym would give you. I will give you a routine according to your current fitness level and your goals. All the training routines will be designed to help you build muscle. None of that light weights and higher reps here. We promote muscle hypertrophy and strength.
Progress Tracking: I will track your progress throughout the duration of the program. You will have to send me an email on my client email address about your current weight, pictures. I will compare them with the previous week. Of course you can't keep on doing the same thing week in and week out. I will modify your diet and cardio or maybe the workout too so that you don't hit a plateau.
Email Support: You can email me for questions once you are my online client. I will be giving you a secret email address to which you can send your queries and I can assure you of a reply within 24 hours.