How to Choose your First Gym Personal Trainer

If reports are to be believed, bollywood actors pay a hell lot of money to get trained. If you ask me to throw a number, it can range from Rs 600,000 to 2,100,000. Few years back there were reports that Hrithik Roshan paid Rs 21 lakhs to his international trainer Kris Gethin. If that was true, it clearly shows how much money lies in personal training.

Now let us come out of the glamour world and jump into our commercial gym. Your commercial gyms expect two things from you as well as from their employees (personal trainers).

What they expect from you:

  1. Pay for a 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP
  2. Take up personal training and renew it every month for the next 12 months

What they expect from personal trainers:

  1. To make sure people take up personal training
  2. To make sure they renew it till their membership ends


Here I will tell you how to choose your first personal trainer in the gym

He must be a good Listener

First impression is the best impression, right? You would want your trainer to be well educated, but in my honest opinion it is important for a trainer to be a good listener. If he isn’t listening to what you have to say, then most probably he is just there to rip you off.

Test his knowledge

Even though you are a beginner in the gym, you need to ask him few questions. Let’s assume you ask him a question and he answers them confidently. Just make sure that you go back home and find out if he was right or he was just using his experience to fool you. If he answered all your questions correctly, then you can move to the next step.

Ask him for a free trial session

If a trainer is really passionate and confident about his craft, he will agree for a free trial session. If he declines it clearly shows that he is not sure about himself. If he says no, just tell him that you can’t spend your hard earned money so easily.

Ask him to show the pictures of people he has transformed

You can check my client transformations here. Just some promotion for myself.

This is a tricky thing because a transformation requires dedication from both the client and the trainer. But from my own experience trainer people and knowing a lot of trainers, it is usually the trainer who doesn’t know the basics that go behind creating a program which often means that the client gets mediocre results. Make sure the trainer has something to offer more than just his physique.

Make sure you get a diet plan from him

Fitness is all about exercising and following a healthy diet. It is a trainer’s job to provide you with a suitable diet plan and educate you about nutrition as well. If he charges you extra for a diet plan, then I suggest you rather educate yourself.

I hope these points helped you out and now you are in a position to choose your first personal trainer.