Nov 28, 2016 was the day when UTV Motion pictures upload a video on YouTube with the title Fat To Fit | Aamir Khan Body Transformation | Dangal. His transformation so impressive, people were just amazed to see a transformation like that. At the age of 50, losing fat is difficult for most people let along building muscle. I made a video on my YouTube channel where I spoke about what might have gone behind the transformation.

I hope I can solve all the puzzles for you through this article. I have displayed some of the best bodies that have come out of bollywood below.

Are these people using performance enhancing drugs?

Are they able to transform because they have the best trainers/coaches?

Is it because they can afford special foods that help them?

Or is it just that they work very hard?

I will answer all of these questions.


    The simple answer is yes. The reason I am so sure and confident is because, I personally know a couple of trainers who have prescribed steroids to their clients from bollywood. Now let me put forward logic. Bollywood actors are not gods, what I mean to say is their body functions the same way our bodies function. There is no special diet or workouts in this world that will help them make such changes in that period of time. Secondly, most of the top bollywood actors are in their late 40s or early 50s. This is the age where body doesn’t produce enough testosterone for boners let alone building muscle. So it is pretty obvious that they will be using some sort of synthetic testosterone to build muscle and lose fat.

    Are they transforming because they have access to the best coaches?

    This may be partially true, but from what I have noticed even if you get the best coach in the world it is still impossible to make the changes these people make.

    Is it because they can afford special foods that help them?

    We might be eating normal chicken breast for protein whereas the bollywood stars must be using an imported whey protein. The difference of effectiveness between food sources and supplements are not that significant. This clearly shows that they have access to something which you don’t. Yeah, you guessed it right.

    Is it all hard work?

    The answer is yes. Bollywood actors have a very difficult life which involves odd shifts, travelling, press conferences and other business related stuff. In between all this squeezing a hardcore workout session and eating all their meal for the day can become very hard. They still manage to do it. Most of us wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    So, what is the conclusion?

    If you are getting paid in 9 digits for a movie and it requires you to look like a superhero, will you decline the offer? I surely would not. There is a lot at stake for all the actors. There are producers who put millions on one movie expecting it to make profit. This puts the actor under a lot of pressure to excel and make the movie a blockbuster. That is when they choose this route. I do not blame them for using steroids nor do I blame them for not coming out and speaking about it. There are so many youngsters who look up to them and they do not want to be a negative influence on the youth of this country.

    You can watch the YouTube video I made on the same topic below.